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Chess Boards for Chess Sets

Are you trying  to select the perfect chess board for the chess set you may have found in your Granny’s attic?  We have some helpful advice. Start by asking yourself these 5 simple questions:

1) Where will the chess board be displayed (or not).

2) The size of the table I would place it on.

3)  How much actual use will the chess board  receive.

4) What is the base size of the King on the chess set I want to use with my chessboard.

5) What is my price range.

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a better idea of what  size, type (decorative or practical)) and price for the matching chessboard.

If your chess board will be displayed in your den, library etc.  you will want a decorative and framed chess board. Many people like to leave theuir chess set and chess board out as a conversation piece.  You could also think about buying a chess table to set you chess pieces upon.

Many people forget to check the size of the table they will be placing the chess board upon. Make sure you add at least an inch or 2 to place your captured chess pieces!

If you plan on having nightly chess competitions you may wish to get a board made of sturdy Walnut that wil take the abuse. This wood will take a lot of punishment and will with care last a lifetime.

To fit a chessboard to your chess pieces, measure the base of the chess set’s King. Then add 1/2 inch and you have the square size of the chess board you will have a perfect fit.

Chess board prices can range from hundreds of dollars to less then $15. If you have the answers to the first 4 questions, then knowing your budget will make the decision easy.  We suggest you buy the best you can afford. Think of this as a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations with Granny’s chess set.

If you still need help, ChessCentral is always here. Just email us at:


and we will be happy to help!

See our wide range of chess boards.

See our wide range of chess sets.


2 Responses

  1. I always prefer to use the 75% rule when it comes to matching a kings base diameter to the square size, it works for all chess sets, large and small.

  2. i agree the 75% rule is the best when it comes to matching bases to a chess boards

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