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Add Culture with Chess

Chess Boards adds Culture to
Raleigh’s Downtown


Heads turned and cell phone cameras snapped Thursday as Sherman Leathers and Luis Guzman, president of the Raleigh Chess Club, sat down for the first five-minute game in a new downtown.

Downtown Raleigh shows off its newest makeover, a $14.8 million art-studded plaza, Sherman Leathers is celebrating the return of six blocks of granite with checkered black-and-white patterns chiseled on the tops. Outside the Sir Walter Apartments and the Chick-fil-A, he plans to bring downtown Raleigh a half-block of Greenwich Village — minus Bobby Fischer.

“I was so excited I couldn’t get to sleep last night,” said Leathers, 73. “This is where the culture is. Chess adds culture. It comes from you. Every game is never the same. You’re the one who gives the pieces character.”

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