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Knowledge is power

In chess, as with many things in life, knowledge is power. And nothing gives you faster, better access to chess knowledge than ChessBase 10.

ChessBase is a monster game library at your fingertips. If you want all the games of a particular opening or player, all the games in which a particular board position occurred, all the Rook-and-pawn endings — this info is available to you in mere moments when you use ChessBase.

ChessBase 10 gives statistics on a position from the Ruy Lopez Exchange

More detailed info on the same position from ChessBase 10

An annotated game from Mega Database in the same position is displayed, while Fritz offers its own advice

But the point here isn’t to extol the virtues of ChessBase 10 — you’ve doubtless read all about it elsewhere. The real point is to describe the differences in the ChessBase 10 packages offered by ChessCentral, so that you can make an informed decision on which version to purchase when you’re ready to take the plunge.

Obviously, all three packages contain the ChessBase 10 software. Don’t laugh; sometimes people ask.

You also get a database of over 4.5 million games. This database comes in two “flavors” which will be described below. And all three packages give you access to the ChessBase online database (up to the minute access to the latest games), plus a year’s subscription to the game download service (which allows you to keep the database on your own machine updated with the latest games). You also get all of the standard ChessBase 10 “extras”, like the Players Encyclopedia (with biographical info plus loads of photos), the Fritz6 and Crafty chess engines already integrated into the CB10 program, and a year’s subscription to the Playchess online chess server.

So here’s the breakdown:

ChessBase 10 Starter:

In addition to the ChessBase 10 software, you also get Big Database 2010 which contains 4.5 million unannotated games, and access to the online database and game updating service.

You also get a complimentary issue of ChessBase Magazine, a full-featured multimedia DVD publication, plus a six-month subscription to ChessBase Magazine (three bimonthly DVDs). The price of this ChessBase 10 Starter Package from ChessCentral is $199.95.

ChessBase 10 Mega Package:

You get everything from the Basic Package with the following substitution upgrades:

Mega Database 2010 is subbed for the Big Database. The number of games is the same, and Mega DB 2010 contains more than 50,000 annotated games (these annotations are stripped out of the Big Database in the Starter Package).

And instead of a six-month subscription to ChessBase Magazine, you get a full year of ChessBase Magazine issues on DVD delivered to your door.

The price of the ChessBase 10 Mega Package from ChessCentral is $299.95

ChessBase 10 Premium Package:

You get everything from the Mega Package, plus the Correspondence Database (which adds to your database over 670,000 games from more than two centuries of correspondence play), the Fritz Turbo Endgame (a.k.a. the Nalimov Tablebases) which will allow the integrated chess engines to provide perfect (and instantaneous!) endgame analysis, plus a one-year Premium membership to the Playchess chess server (which will provide additional features such as multimedia content not available to standard Playchess members). The price of the ChessBase 10 Premium Package from ChessCentral is $419.95.

I’ll warn you, though, that the use of ChessBase 10 is extremely addictive and, if you’re able to make full use of the software and apply what you learn from these games, your sudden rating increase might startle your friends and opponents.

I also need to warn you that time is running out for timely holiday delivery. If you wish to give ChessBase 10 as a Christmas gift, the time to order is now. There’s only a couple of days left to be able to receive a package through standard shipping…

Have fun! — Steve


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