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Power Play FritzTrainers

GM Daniel King has been a viewer favorite ever since chess hit big in the video world in the mid-1990’s. King (replacing Ray Keene) worked alongside GM Maurice Ashley as the “color commentator” for ESPN’s broadcasts of PCA (Professional Chess Association) events in 1994 and 1995.

A few years later, when ChessBase first introduced multimedia CDs with video training components, GM King was a natural choice for the first such offering. His Check and Mate was very popular with viewers who appreciated his humorous approach in the short video clips included on the disk.

The next step in the evolution of ChessBase’s training offering was the development of FritzTrainer DVDs and here again GM King was an obvious pick for a video instructor.  His Power Play series of DVDs is a standout among the FritzTrainers, not only for their clarity and presentation, but also for the fact that they’re aimed at a target audience of club-level (1000-1800 Elo USCF) players. The selection of topics, the choice of games, and the clear explanation of important concepts have made Power Play a hit with the typical, “average” chessplayer who is trying to improve his or her skills.

Sample clip from Power Play #4: Start Right

If you haven’t checked out Power Play yet (or even FritzTrainers in general), you really should give them a try. ChessCentral is making it easy for you to do so during their special sale on Power Play DVDs. ChessCentral is currently offering a special sale price: choose any three Power Play DVDs for $89.95 (regularly $105.95 for three disks); that’s less than $30  a disk (regularly $34.95 each). You’ll find all the Power Play offerings on this page (the 12th in the series was released in the US just this week). Whether you’re a novice player looking to improve or an intermediate player who wishes to hone your present skills, you’re sure to find something of interest in ChessBase’s Power Play series of FritzTrainer DVDs from ChessCentral — the leader in cutting-edge chess.

Have fun! — Steve


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