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Your chance to play chess with the greats

If you own one of the ChessBase-produced playing programs which provides access to the Playchess internet server, or own ChessBase 10, you have the opportunity to play in a major FIDE chess event.

I’m not kidding.

The 2010 FIDE World Blitz Championship Internet Tournament (sponsored by FIDE, ChessBase, and the Russian Aeroflot Open) is currently taking place on ChessBase’s Playchess server. The event consists of  six preliminary events (two of which have already been completed) and a final. The top ten finishers in each prelim will advance to the final event. The top three finishers in the final will win a trip to Moscow in February to play in the finals of the 2010 World Blitz Championship. The 4th through 15th place finishers will receive software packages from ChessBase GmbH.

Everyone who is a member of the Playchess server has the opportunity to play in the four remaining preliminary events regardless of Elo rating or skill level. So here’s your chance to play against some of the world’s top guns!

For more details, visit chessbase.com

Even if you miss this event (or choose not to participate), there’s still a world of chess action happening on the Playchess server. It’s mid-day on the US East Coast as I write this, and there are presently more than 7000 people playing chess, watching chess videos, or just kibitzing at Playchess.

If you have one of the current ChessBase playing programs, you already have a Playchess membership — all you need to do is sign in (or sign up if you haven’t yet set up your account). If you don’t have one of these programs yet, ChessCentral recommends Fritz12, Shredder12, or Rybka3 as the latest of these programs.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to play in a major chess event: the 2010 FIDE World Blitz Championship Internet Tournament!

Have fun! — Steve


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