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Isle of Lewis (“Harry Potter”) chess set for Valentine’s Day

Blogging is generally a pleasurable activity, and one of the more fun aspects is discovering how visitors found your blog in the first place. This host site (WordPress) offers quite a few extra features, among them a statistical listing of the search terms which pointed visitors to the blog. I’ll tell you the truth: I’m astounded by the number of times an Internet search for “Isle of Lewis chess set” leads visitors straight to ChessCentral’s blog.

We’ve previously blogged twice about this set (you’ll find those posts easily if you click the link for the category “Chess Sets” in the left-hand pane) and those posts have led quite a few visitors to us. In case you’re not familiar with the Isle of Lewis set, here’s a photo:

The famous Isle of Lewis chess set

The original chess pieces (made of walrus ivory and whale teeth) were discovered in 1831 in Scotland, and were carved sometime during the 12th Century. The Isle of Lewis set is possibly the most famous chess set in the world; reproductions of this set have always been popular with chess set collectors. But the popularity of this set positively soared when it was featured in the first of the Harry Potter movies.

That surge in popularity (for what was always a very famous chess set) is what drives all the hits this blog receives as a result of Internet searches for “Isle of Lewis chess set”.

We’re happy because of the attention our blog has received; in appreciation we’re presently having a special sale on our Isle of Lewis chess set. This is a special combination set in which the pieces and a walnut folding board are offered together. The pieces are reproductions cast in hydrostone (a gypsum derivative) which offers the feel of the original ivory/bone pieces but in a much more durable material. Hydrostone is very hard; as I recently told one of our customers, these pieces aren’t something you want to slam up against a brick wall or anything but they’re way more than merely “tough enough” for regular use.  The folding board is solid wood, felt-cushioned on the underside (so you won’t scratch your furniture), with the light squares made from maple and the dark squares (and borders) fashioned from dark walnut:

Walnut and maple folding board from ChessCentral

The board is sturdily hinged and coated with a smooth polyurethane finish (not only adding shine but also protecting the wood).

In honor of the fact that this set has brought so many visitors to this blog, and in celebration of Valentine’s Day (as the Isle of Lewis set makes a great gift!) we’ve temporarily reduced the price of this set and board. The retail price of the Isle of Lewis chess set and board combo is $269.95 but ChessCentral’s special Valentine sale offers this set to you at just $179.95

You can learn more about the history of this famous set on our website, as well as browse the other chess sets and boards which ChessCentral offers.


3 Responses

  1. Wow.. Nice post.. very use full information. thank you.

  2. I have a Lewis reproduction set which appears to be bronze filled with lead. Veryfine and detailed, dated Paris Mai 1834. Only three years after the discovery and of superb quality. Would you know anything about this set.

    Regards, Bruce

  3. I seriously loved reading through this web page. I will absolutely put you in my favorites portion. My Blog: websites

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