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Various bits around the Web

I’ve been remiss lately in rounding up some links to items of interest around the Web. So let’s take a look at a few items:

One to watch — Keep an eye out for 13 year old Darwin Yang. According to the Lubbock TX Fox News outlet, he’s a player to keep an eye on: Tech chess tourney

Keeping up with Mother of Pearl’s grandson — Son of Pearl is one of those rare fellows you meet on the Internet, a good guy whom you become friends with almost immediately. He’s been a regular contributor to the Chess Exchange Forum for quite a while (which is how he and I collided on the Information Superhighway). He also has a really interesting blog which you should check out. He hasn’t updated it in a few weeks but plenty is there to keep you busy. He has written some really interesting¬† editorial pieces which you’ll find there, plus some game applets you can play whenever you visit.

A real character — Jeroen (pronouned “yuh-ROON”, but you can call him Jim) van Dorp is one of those guys who has discovered the 26 hour day. I swear, I have no idea when he sleeps. He’s all over the Internet (including the aforementioned Chess Exchange) and has been a leading chess personality in the electronic medium for well over a decade. He’s also what a carpenter friend of mine would term “a bubble or two off level”, but I mean that in a good way. Jeroen is razor-sharp, often funny, a good friend, and someone whose tweets are definitely worth following (especially if you’re interested in astronomy as well as chess).

This makes me feel old — I’ve been rumored to be the most prolific chess writer ever (I still think Fred Reinfeld and maybe a couple of others have me beat), but Daniel Naroditsky, at age 14, is allegedly the youngest in history. He’s recently had a chess book published and, like the late Shelby Foote, prefers handwriting to keyboarding (which I found very interesting). I have an 18 year head start on Daniel as a writer, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll easily catch up and pass me one day. The USCF website has an interesting interview with young Mr. Naroditsky which is well worth a look.

Karpov for president? — Anatoly Karpov has announced his intention to run for the president of F.I.D.E. (the world chess federation). You can check out his speechifying online (in three languages, no less) on the ChessBase website.

Whatever happened to Shelby Lyman? — Back in the days when PBS still ran chess world championships, Shelby Lyman became a household name as the informative and genial host of the broadcasts. But he’s largely been out of the media eye since 1987 (the last time PBS carried his WC broadcasts). If, like me, you’re a fan of Mr. Lyman, you’ll be happy to know that he’s presently a syndicated chess columnist; his column runs in several newspapers, the Columbus Dispatch among them. Shelby brings you some chess news, a puzzle, and a game or two; his column is worth checking out.

That, my friends, must do for now. Enjoy the weekend, good luck if you’re playing in a tournament, and we’ll see you here next week!

Have fun! — Steve


One Response

  1. Huge thanks Steve for including lil ol’ me in your round up!
    For anyone crazy enough to want to read more of my meandering thoughts on chess, my regular blogging has mostly migrated to Chess.com.

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