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Free beginner chess videos from ChessCentral

I frequently encounter people who would love to learn to play chess, but who don’t know how to get started.

“I don’t want to buy a book and then find out I can’t understand how to play.”

“I bought a book and read the first chapter but I still just can’t understand how the pieces move.”

“I wish somebody could just show me how the pieces move, but nobody I know plays or wants to teach me!”

Ah! That last one — I’ve seen that one before, more than once, usually online.

So we’ve decided to take that particular bull by the horns. I’ve created a series of videos designed to take an absolute chess beginner step-by-step through the process of learning how the pieces move. I’ve also included castling, pawn promotion, and en passant captures for good measure, as well as checkmate and the various ways a game can be drawn.

Best of all, these videos are available online and are absolutely free. All you have to do is go to the host page at ChessCentral and start watching. Each video is very short (less than three minutes each); if you’re quick on the uptake and can remember the moves, you could start playing chess less than an hour after you start watching the first video!

Each of the video pages at ChessCentral contains three videos, except for the last one which has two. There are fourteen Flash videos in all, each viewable right there on the page.

If you’re well past the beginner stage but know some folks who’d like to learn to play, please send them the link to the videos. To make that easy, here’s a “cut and paste” version of the link to the start page:


And don’t forget to visit the other pages at ChessCentral, the leader in cutting-edge chess!

Have fun — Steve


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