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Finding What You Want this Holiday Season

It’s official, the holiday season is here: everyone’s had turkey, Black Friday is behind us and Cyber Monday is at hand. Millions of internet shoppers are looking to fill grandpa’s stocking or get the perfect surprise gift for a favorite nephew. Traditional games always top the buying list, and many new web shoppers will want chess gifts for their family and friends. But how to find the right chess product for that special loved one? A simple search for “chess” on Google yields about 35.5 million results – hardly a list anyone can hope to manage.

The trick to successful shopping is getting a narrowed down search result with targeted key words. You might end up, for example, with “silk chess tie” if you already have the exact present in mind – but to gather ideas then searching Google for “chess gifts” might be better.

Today if you search Google for “chess software”  the return is a list of over 750,000 – but type in “chess software for kids”  and the search results come down to about 250,000. That’s probably the best to be hoped for, unless you know the exact product name. But there’s no need to scan all those pages because one of the first several links will have what you want.

Savvy users of search engines will know, however, that the first 3 or 4 results are shaded differently or somehow stand out. That’s because those companies paid to be at the very top, just like those cheaper ads on the far right of every page. Paying for certain choice search words is obviously not a bad thing, but shopping preference might be given to those who appear on the list naturally and organically.

Another example is the obvious search for “chess set”  which gets you almost 1.5 million returns, whereas “plastic tournament chess set” cuts that number to less than half a million. From there simply click the link closest to what you had in mind, usually one of the top few on the first page.

The world of Google searching is not ideal, but with a little practice you can find the gift you’re looking for. And if you stick with a reliable company that’s always near the top of any search for chess goods, you’ll have a happy holiday season indeed!


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