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Chess on YouTube

Anyone who’s ever surfed the internet is aware of YouTube.com, the video archive giant. There you can watch early silent movies, the latest news clips, music videos (lots!), and just about everything else. Want to see a full length high-def presentation about your favorite conspiracy theory? Go to YouTube. Care to watch animated stick figures battle to the death? Yes, it’s on YouTube.

Not surprisingly then, YouTube is home to a lot of chess videos – one of our favorites is Bobby Fischer’s appearance on the Dick Cavett Show. By typing “chess tactics” or “speed chess” into the YouTube search bar we quickly grasp that chess videos must number in the tens of thousands, even after filtering out recipes for chess cake. Be warned that players can get lost in this image rich environment for hours at a time.

There’s one lesser known feature of YouTube, however, that helps take the randomness out of this barrage of videos. Viewers can visit or even subscribe to various chess “channels”, and indeed ChessCentral has its own YouTube video channel here. Relax and watch analysis of a famous game, or see ChessBase 11 in action before you buy it. And here’s where you get a chance to subscribe to our channel, because new videos are coming online regularly.

We hate to admit it, of course, but other chess channels also exist. One example worth noting is the ChessBase channel, where they’re now concentrating on the 2010 London Chess Classic. Here is round 7 between Magnus Carlsen and Nigel Short, a sort of post-mortem discussion:

ChessCentral is also a big fan of Kevin Butler’s channel The Chess Web Site. He does a great job of analyzing famous chess games and overviews of chess openings.

Finally, we feel certain that many of our readers will find Alexandra Kosteniuk’s chess channel to be fascinating…theoretically, anyway!



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