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Mining Chess Databases

It is difficult to imagine life as one of the world’s elite chess players, but occasionally we can glimpse the less glamorous side of their profession, the day-to-day work each member of this high level group must grind away at constantly. For example, we all know that these Grandmasters study what chess openings their opponent will play; they each take great pains to collect the latest chess games.

In 2005 Kasparov was asked if he’d ever play again, and replied, “I said that I’m not going to quit completely. I’m following the games, doing some analysis, renewing my database…”. Later he mentioned a willingness to train others, saying “We have a lot of experience, and a good database!” In a more recent interview (Oct. 19, 2010) Kasparov admits that he still follows top tournaments, adding “I like chess and I can guarantee you that my database is still up to date.”

Yes indeed, the best chess players – including this former World Chess Champion – are keeping their chess databases current! But rest assured that these chess prospectors don’t simply dig about in the latest Mega or Big database when they’re looking for a gold strike. They certainly own one of these products, but it’s merely the mine from which ore is extracted – only then does the work of refining and fabrication begin!

The rest of us (the “good” and “excellent” chess players!) ought to take example from these professionals. To get better at chess and do well in tournaments we clearly have to assemble a chess database – our mine – and it’s a forced move. That’s where we pick up next time!


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