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Chess Software on the Mac

The Apple Mac has become very popular in recent years. First introduced in 1984 it was the first personal computer to have a mouse and a graphical user interface. Now, the modern Mac, like other personal computers, is capable of running alternative operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, and, in the case of Intel-based Macs, Microsoft Windows.

This is great news for chess players who love their Mac. So many wish to use ChessBase software but have not had the ability until recently since there is no special Mac-version of ChessBase, Fritz, or the playchess.com client. And ChessBase has informed us that there are no plans for a Mac version for the future either.

There are two good alternatives for Apple-Users with a new Macintosh Intel processor:

1, Apple offers “Boot camp” for free. “Boot camp” enables you to install Windows XP on your system if you have one of the new Intel-Macs. This way you can run two different operating systems on one device. You may either start it with Windows or with Mac. You will find more information about “Boot camp” here.

2. Another alternative is to install VMWare or “Parallels desktop”. That allows you to switch from a Mac program to a Windows program without a reboot of your system.

ChessCentral carries a line of Mac chess software. The most popular is Chessmaster 9000 for the Mac. This is a good all around chess program made to challenge your chess playing skills. For training we like the Think Like a King Family Package (which also works on PCs). You can also get Shredder Chess a power packed chess playing software program for Mac.

Mac users now have many ways of honing their chess playing skills without giving up their beloved Macs.


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