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100’s of New Chess Sets

ChessCentral is proud to announce it’s expansion of its chess set, chess pieces, and chess board product line. ChessCentral offers a huge selection in chess sets and chess pieces, from inexpensive plastic chess pieces to complete chess sets of fine wood chessmen with wooden chess boards. You can get plastic chess pieces alone, for example, or a discounted chess set of the 32 pieces (or 34 chess pieces – some chess sets have 2 extra Queens!) plus vinyl roll-up chess board and drawstring chess bag. Depending on your needs there’s even a complete chess tounament chess set combo with heavy plastic chess pieces, vinyl chess board, digital chess clock and canvas chess tote. Fine wood chess pieces feature pitch ebony for the Black chess pieces, or beautiful Rosewood or other select hardwood, with the chess King measuring (generally) from 3.5″ to 4.5″ tall and chessmen in various designs. These can be paired with wooden chess boards of either matching or contrasting woods, depending on preference, and we also have available discounted combinations of wooden chess pieces plus wood chess board. You’ll even find chess set and board articles and extensive free chess information about chess sets and chess boards, while enjoying our in-depth chess KnowledgeBase and resources like the ChessExchange forum and our FreeChessArea for chess articles, free chess downloads and more. ChessCentral’s online chess shop provides everything needed to help you decide which chess pieces, chess set or chess board is right for you.


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