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Billionaire Chess Match

A.J. Steigman vs Peter Thiel

A.J. Steigman is the chief executive of Soletron, a social e-commerce platform. Peter Thiel is a legendary venture capitalist, co-founder of PayPal and initial investor in Facebook, his $500,000 investment now worth $1.9 billion. Both are internationally ranked as “life master”.

Steigman (2291) challenged Theil (2190) and will give up a share of streetwear social network and e-commerce platform Soletron. Exactly how much equity Steigman would be willing to give up would be determined by the two parties – if Thiel accepts the challenge. If he wins, Steigman wants the PayPal founder to pay him $1 million to go towards his company’s series A fundraising round. The loser invests a million dollars or provides equity in Soletron.

Learn more about this chess match here.



Garry Kasparov: Strategies for Success

Garry Kasparov is a man of many talents. We all know him as a World Chess Champion. He is also a politician, struggling to bring Russia out of the dark ages. But did you know that he was considered one of the most sought-after international strategy consultants?

Learn how the former World Chess Champion checkmates the competition. Using the acronym R-I-C-H, Kasparov’s reveals the key strategies for achieving success in everything.

Watch the video here