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Getting in Too Deep

Working in computer chess software, the one question customers ask the most is “What is the difference between Deep and non-Deep chess engines?”.. However, in the last year or so, a close second is “What is the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit chess engines?”. Let’s take a look at the answers to both…

Deep vs “non-deep”(or standard) engines

So, for instance, Fritz 13 chess playing software (“Fritz” is the name of teh chess engine) comes in two versions. “Fritz 13” and “Deep Fritz 14”. Superficially, the products look very similar when you load them onto a PC. In fact, the interface (the part of the program that you see – the board, the analysis, the layout of the windows etc) is exactly the same. The real difference between the versions, is within chess engine (the chess playing “brain” of the program) itself. Now, I won’t get too technical with this, but if you have bought a PC in the last couple of years, you may have heard terms like “dual-core”, “quad-core”, “multi-core” etc. Don’t worry too much about the exact detailed meanings of those terms, sufficed to say that a “multi-core” processor has more than one core; which at a basic level means that your processor can do more than one thing at once, and is therefore faster than a single-core processor. Which means your experience of using your computer will be faster with a multi-core processor than with a single-core processor.

With me so far? Good.

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