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Chess Players – Starting Early, Staying Positive

A group of children in southwest Philadelphia are using chess to stay positive and avoid violence in their city. Will any of them be the next chess prodigies?

Check out this CNN video story where everyone wins:



Fritz 13 ‘s “Let’s Check” Videos

Let’s imagine the realm of chess as a world of its own. How much of this world have we discovered already? Actually, no one can answer this question precisely. Probably less than we believe. We know some elementary endgames quite precisely, and some of them we can only evaluate correctly with the help of the computer. But analyzing with engines also altered the evaluation of certain openings significantly. Maybe we already know some continents – certain openings and variations – in the realm of chess. But maybe these are just islands? Are there still unexplored areas, white spots on the great map of chess openings? Presumably.

Hitherto everyone calculated for himself. Now we can all research together. What will we discover? Things are going to be exciting…with Fritz 13 Chess Playing Software.

See Fritz 13’s Let’s Check Videos here

Everyman E-book App for iPad

Have an iPAD? Now you can read Everyman chess e-books and enjoy the same interactivity as you do on your PC. Featuring a full iPad landscape and portrait support, search with autocomplete, support for zip files and full eBook store with inApp purchasing. When you launch your app you will see your book list, which will include the free chess book samples provided by Everyman. Your Book list is categorized into two sections:

1) Books which show eBooks customized by Everyman specifically for this app (including the samples)

2) PGN files which show any .pgn files you may have downloaded from the web or added from your hard drive

To get this great new app go click here

ChessCentral carries over 100 Everyman Chess E-Books. To browse the full line of e-books click here.

Finding What You Want this Holiday Season

It’s official, the holiday season is here: everyone’s had turkey, Black Friday is behind us and Cyber Monday is at hand. Millions of internet shoppers are looking to fill grandpa’s stocking or get the perfect surprise gift for a favorite nephew. Traditional games always top the buying list, and many new web shoppers will want chess gifts for their family and friends. But how to find the right chess product for that special loved one? A simple search for “chess” on Google yields about 35.5 million results – hardly a list anyone can hope to manage.

The trick to successful shopping is getting a narrowed down search result with targeted key words. You might end up, for example, with “silk chess tie” if you already have the exact present in mind – but to gather ideas then searching Google for “chess gifts” might be better.

Today if you search Google for “chess software”  the return is a list of over 750,000 – but type in “chess software for kids”  and the search results come down to about 250,000. That’s probably the best to be hoped for, unless you know the exact product name. But there’s no need to scan all those pages because one of the first several links will have what you want.

Savvy users of search engines will know, however, that the first 3 or 4 results are shaded differently or somehow stand out. That’s because those companies paid to be at the very top, just like those cheaper ads on the far right of every page. Paying for certain choice search words is obviously not a bad thing, but shopping preference might be given to those who appear on the list naturally and organically.

Another example is the obvious search for “chess set”  which gets you almost 1.5 million returns, whereas “plastic tournament chess set” cuts that number to less than half a million. From there simply click the link closest to what you had in mind, usually one of the top few on the first page.

The world of Google searching is not ideal, but with a little practice you can find the gift you’re looking for. And if you stick with a reliable company that’s always near the top of any search for chess goods, you’ll have a happy holiday season indeed!

Maurice Ashley What does it take to play top-level chess?

Think Big
Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Maurice Ashley has to be one of the most recognizable chess names in the world today. The first African-American International Grandmaster, Ashley went on to become the chess commentator for ESPN and the author of the best selling book  “Chess for Success: Using an Old Game to Build New Strengths in Children and Teens”. In the recent RAW World Chess Challenge with Magus Carlsen, Ashley provided entertaining commentary during the match. GM Ashley’s successful chess software DVD The Secret to Chess a Fritz Trainer from ChessBase has been a top seller at ChessCentral since its release.

In a recent wide-ranging interview, GM Maurice Ashley makes an excellent case for the beneficial effects of chess. In a presentation of some 24 minutes GM Ashley points out that chess is a discipline (like many others) that one gets better at through training and hard work. The American Grandmaster speaks with authority and also notes the chess applications to business and general life skills.

Check out the video interview here.

Magnus Carlsen storms Nanjing!

The 2010 Nanjing Pearl Spring chess tournament, held in China in late October, was dominated by Norwegian chess phenominon Magnus Carlsen who finished the event with a 7/10 score and a performance rating of 2901 Elo. The event was a double-round robin (players face each other competitor twice), pitting Carlsen against Viswanathan Anand, Veselin Topalov, Etienne Bacrot, Vugar Gashimov, and Wang Yue. Carlsen pocketed a cool 80,000 Euros for first place (approximately $112,000) and should now appear in the top spot in FIDE’s player rankings.

Carlsen’s last two games were interesting. In the final round Carlsen played to a hard-fought 71 move draw against Gashimov. The penultimate round saw a tightrope walk in a closed Catalan between Carlsen and Topalov; one false move could mean disaster for either player. Unfortunately for Topalov, he slipped first:

For the annotated gamescore, please visit ChessCentral.

Have fun! — Steve

Chess improvement seminar tonight!

Don’t you sometimes wonder if you’re getting the most out of your chess software? Ever get frustrated because you can’t figure out how to do the one thing you wanted to do with it?

Then join us this Wednesday night (October 27, at 9:00 p.m. EST) with Mike Leahy, the “Database Man”, for our free webinar on Chess Opening Wizard. Mike will show you how to use your copy of Chess Openings Wizard to get better at openings fast.

And you can ask him questions – live. He’ll answer your questions and show you step by step how to do what you want to do right in the software, live, while you ask the questions.

Click this secure link to sign up for the 9:00 p.m. New York time Wednesday class:


The class is free. Chess Openings Wizard is the best tool on the planet for studying chess opening theory, and this class is about helping you to get the most from this outstanding chess software.

See you there!